HD A/A, ED 0/0, EIC - EIC/N, PRA N/N, HNPK N/N, OCD N/N, full dentition,

she carries the aptitude for brown, yellow and black color.





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Balrion Weathertop Gin Fiz Balrion Weathertop John Barleycom Rocheby Old Smokey
Balrion Weathertop Jane Eyre
 Balrion Weathertop  Witch Of the West Ramsayville Route Sixty Six
Balrion Weathertop Speilsong
Beautiful Bell's Sun in their Eyes  Mallorn ' s Chocolate Baloo Mementos Mario
Mallorn' s Chocomotion
Natalia Sun in their Eyes Mallorn' s Rogue's Gallery 
Emily Katle's Labrador Yard




1.2.2020 - DUO CACIB Brno, CZ open class, excellent

 2.2.2020 - DUO CACIB Brno, CZ open class, excellent


  13.10. 2019 - OVVR Traplice , with duck and pheasant


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wally ovvr peta1


wally ovvr peta2


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